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I specialize in finding unique TV characters nationwide to fulfill any promo, commercial or format requirements. 




I have discovered raw talent and turned them into reality stars. Many of them have been nominated and won awards for best “reality star of the year”. Numerous people I have cast have subsequently become large names in their countries and had spin off shows based solely around them.




I am well-known for finding talent when the normal methods of open casting calls do not apply. I have done several nationwide castings, searching for Americans with Swedish descent where it was not possible to use the standard methods of attraction such as TV announcements, advertisements and more. 




Not only can I find you your next star but I also specialize in minor episodic characters like the amazing dog shrink, the outrageous psychic medium, your stern closet organizer, a funky car on hydraulics, in short anything you need.




If you are a company based overseas but are taping a show in Los Angeles I can fulfill all of your casting needs.   

I have cast and filmed shows for countries including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Greece, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Poland. For example I have cast Swedish people living in Los Angeles for Swedens number one hit show ‘Swedish Hollywood Wives’ as well as providing on site production services for the production. 


Alternatively I can also go the other way casting Americans for international productions. 

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